10 Things That Made Me Smile This Month

I’m linking up with Emmy Mom to share 10 things that made me smile this month, otherwise known as a recap of my favorite Instagrams.

1. Brinky’s happiness every time he managed to take off his clothes. We’ve since switched to sleepers he can’t remove all the time because diaper removal and peeing on the floor just wasn’t working for us.

brinky cheesy smile

2.  Early mornings in the car with this girl. I mean seriously early: 6:15. It’s been so cold she’s needed me to take her to the bus stop, and I like our morning quiet time together.

jenny car

3.  This girl’s school spelling bee victory, especially afterwards when she cracked me up, buckling up her trophy in the car. One week until the district bee!

things that made me smile

4.  Reagan’s happiness when she was hanging out with her friends at her hotel sleepover birthday party.

hotel sleepover

5. Brinky’s happiness when he went for the leftover cake the next day.

toddler with cake

6. The sign we made to greet Reagan the morning of her actual birthday.

happy birthday sign

7.  How much I’ve actually enjoyed the salad I’ve been eating every day (spinach, apple, peppery chicken, sweet dressing). And how much weight I’ve lost as a result.

spinach salad

8. Pretty early morning sunshine through my not-quite-defrosted windshield.


9. Jenny’s constant chatter, telling me all about her experience when I picked her up from taking the SATs. She was worn out though!

tired after SATs

10. Snow day! Or three. My girls were so happy.

snow days

4 thoughts on “10 Things That Made Me Smile This Month

  1. Love your pictures! What filter do you use for your instragram pics, they all look so old time/film classic like, I like it! It would be hard to be mad about the declothing with a smile like that! Too funny.
    So awesome your daughter won the spelling bee! I hope she does great at districts.

    Thank you so much for linking up
    Emmy recently posted..Friday Five: Funny and FamousMy Profile

    • Thanks, Emmy – for the fun linkup too! I think I use Walden most often of all the Instagram filters. I usually browse through all of them and end up coming back to that one.

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