Minted Holiday Card Deals!

It’s Thanksgiving week – officially time for me to get in gear and actually order my holiday cards. So I’m heading back to Minted to check out my choices and get down to personalizing some options. I’ll share the great Black Friday sales at the end of this post, but first I thought I’d do a quick walk-through of the card personalization process so you can see how easy it is.

When I started exploring my Minted holiday card options a few weeks ago, I went ahead and saved some favorites. So this time I didn’t need to go back through all the awesome designs again (though I was tempted to). After I logged in, I was able to find my favorites easily – right under “my saved designs” at the top of the page.
minted favorites

I’ll admit I saved a lot of favorites because there are so many designs I love. Here are a few of my favorites.
minted designs

Next step is to choose a card and start personalizing. I started with the Merry Mosaic card because it looked like a good design for park pictures.
minted holiday cards

You can see that before you even begin adding pictures there are several customization options. For this card, you can select the Holiday version or the Christmas version. You can change the main color or the shape (you can also change these later when you’re previewing your card), the quantity, the format (flat or folded), and the type of paper.

Once you select personalize, you can start adding pictures:
minted merry mosaic

I added a few pictures from a recent trip to the park (these won’t be my real Christmas card pictures – this was more of a practice run). You can see that on this screen you can still customize the color and shape.
minted merry mosaic 2

On this screen I went ahead and changed the color of the text and clicked on the text to personalize with my family’s names. Note: I always add my kids’ ages by their names because when I receive cards I always wonder how old the kids are.
minted merry mosaic back

At Minted, every aspect of the card can be personalized so you have a totally unique card. On this screen, you can customize the back of the card. You can leave it blank or change it to a color or pattern. Or you can add more photos and text!
minted envelopes

Minted’s personalization process truly walks you all the way through the creation of the card, even the envelope! You have more options here, from plain envelopes to colored envelopes, liner or no liner, printed return address or none, and my favorite FREE option, printed recipient addresses! I will definitely be taking advantage of this option this year.

Once you’ve chosen all of your customization options, you see one final preview of the entire card, front, back and envelope.
minted card preview

That’s the whole process! It’s so easy that I went ahead and designed a couple more cards and saved them so that I can just update with my real pictures once I have them. The process couldn’t be easier. I love having a unique card that really fits my family.

Are you ready to shop for your holiday cards from Minted? Now is the perfect time because the Black Friday deals start TODAY and run through Friday.

15% off $100 or 20% off $150+ holiday card order

That’s an awesome deal on high quality, unique cards you’ll want to hold on to forever. And don’t forget – if you’re a procrastinator like me and the weather is terrible so you’re not expecting to take your holiday card pictures for a few days, you can order now and take advantage of these savings, and then upload your pictures later!

Disclosure: I was provided with credit from Minted, and some links included in this post are affiliate links, but of course all opinions are my own and these are products I love!

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