Halloween House #iPPP

(Of course I meant to post this a couple days ago, but right after Halloween is just as good, right?)

My girls absolutely love making decorations for Halloween every year, and this year was no exception! I love their homemade decorations more than anything I could buy at the store. They make me smile every time I find another one. So I need to share them here, of course.

Reagan did most of the work this year because Jenny just wasn’t into it. These were from when Reagan was at the table hard at work. I love the first one because it’s a drawing of Reagan as a vampire. She was originally wearing a Live to Party shirt, but Jenny pointed out that it was strange for a vampire, so she changed it to DIE to Party. Death Has Occured (slight misspelling) was on the front door, scaring all the trick or treaters.
halloween Collage 3

Then the random labeling of everything in the house. The hall closet was probably my favorite: “You have no business here. Unless you’re cold. Go on ahead and grab a blanket or coat. Or a bag if it makes you feel better. Or a vacuum.”
halloween collage 2

More labeling upstairs .
halloween collage 1

And last, probably my favorite that made me really laugh so hard when I went to leave the house:

And since I did procrastinate this post, I have a couple actual Halloween pictures. Someone wasn’t as excited as his sisters. So he stayed home and ate a lot of candy.

Jenny was excited about leaving and going to trick or treat with her friends somewhere else this year.
Snow White Tween Costume

And Reagan was the most excited girl – she loves Halloween, and she was so excited about her costume that our neighbor made.

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  1. I love all the handiwork! Your girls are hilarious. And their costumes! Maybe Brinky will enjoy it next year….Erv LOVED trick or treating, and he was so cute that very few people (except me) kept him from staying on each porch and grabbing ALLTHECANDY.
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