A Random Friday List

A week has flown by and I haven’t blogged. I’m heading into my busiest time of year at work and it makes blogging such a struggle some days! So I’m just going to post a random catch-up list. (Which makes me really miss the old Friday Life’s Lessons link-up so much that I’m seriously considering starting it back up.)

1. Both girls got their first halfway-through-the-first-quarter progress reports this week, and they’re both doing AWESOME so far this year. Straight A’s all around. I’m so proud of my girls.

2. For Jenny, I truly think the main reason she’s doing so well is because she loves her teachers and enjoys their teaching methods. She’s been so excited this week about the CSI case they’re doing in Social Studies to try to find out who murdered the Medicis. I love seeing her so excited about school.

3. Reagan cracks me up with notes like this from school each week:

4th gradenote


Her math teacher gives them opportunities to show their brilliance (formerly known as tests) each week and it makes her VERY happy to see the word “Brilliant” along with an A+ at the top of her paper.

3. How cute and sweet is this boy? Even though he doesn’t want to go to sleep at night anymore. It’s obviously because he wants some extra snuggle time with his mom.

brinky bars

4. Also, he may need a haircut ever again.

5. You know how some people think it’s gross to eat batter? Not me, generally, but some people? Like my husband. He thinks we should never eat cookie batter or cake batter or brownie batter – all those delicious things – because of the raw eggs. But they’re so tasty. But Jenny does gross me out a little bit when she eats the batter from Broccoli Chicken (cream of chicken, mayo, curry) from the bowl.

6. Reagan never does her last spelling homework for the week – a practice test – until right before school Friday morning (I say this because I have to take a break to give it to her). I don’t know why she won’t do it with the rest of her homework Thursday night.

7. Emmy’s are Sunday night – we’ll be ready to live-tweet! I vote Breaking Bad for everything. And I guess I’ll watch Breaking Bad after they’re over.

8. I can’t believe Zac Efron has a cocaine problem. He seems so…not like that.

9. I would like to win the lottery. Like for real. (Even though I rarely actually play the lottery.)

10. I can’t believe September’s almost over.

What’s going on in your world?

3 thoughts on “A Random Friday List

  1. Opportunities to show their brilliance! How fantastic is that??!! It’s the perfect way to turn something potentially intimidating into something great!

    I can’t believe September is almost over either. It’s such a busy month, it’s just flying by! GAH! –Lisa

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