Sick Days

I took an unintentional blog break the past few days to focus on the sick boy in my house. We all struggle with our allergies at this time of year, but Brinky’s allergy attack morphed into an ear infection last week. I came home last Tuesday to a feverish little boy who just wanted to be held.

sick days


He was just so pitiful. I stayed with him most of Wednesday while we went to the doctor and got him settled in with antibiotics for the ear infection and some Tylenol. I know that antibiotics can be prescribed too often, but there are definitely times when I’d like to be able to call the doctor and say, “This is my third kid. I’m certain he has an ear infection. Do we have to waste your time and mine (and my money) to see you for five minutes to get a prescription?” I really do understand, but I hate putting a miserably sick boy through all that trouble.

He felt a little better on Thursday and then started to feel worse again on Friday. Saturday morning he woke up with a horrible barking cough and wheezing. He was wheezing and lethargic most of the weekend, so he slept with us at night and on me the majority of the day. He had given up the pacifier, but we let him have it back to help soothe him while he wasn’t feeling good.

sick days

I mean, how much more pitiful can a boy get? In order to try to get some liquids into him, we gave him a freeze pop and let him drink it with a straw (he loves straws the most).

sick days

We took him back to the doctor today since he hasn’t improved as much as we expected and in fact his breathing has worsened, so now he’s on steroids on top of the antibiotics. The good news is he’s finally willing to take the medicine without a major fight – and he’s feeling much better. So I’m hoping today is the last of our sick days (for now) and we can resume normal life tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Sick Days

  1. Gosh, nothing sadder than a sick kid! when they just want to be held, how can you resist? Oh and I totally get the whole doctor thing. he’s even my first and sometimes I just want to say really? Just call us in something. Don’t make me come in with a sick kid to be around even MORE germs.
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    • They tried to get me to put a mask on him in the waiting room this morning – like that was even a little bit possible! I’ve actually enjoyed the extra snuggle time, but I wish it wasn’t because he felt so sick.

  2. Poor guy.

    I’m with you on having to go to the doctor for everything. One of the times we went to the beach Finn ended up getting Impetigo and they wouldn’t call him in a cream so we had to take him to Urgent Care….not cool.
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  3. Poor little guy! I hope he’s feeling better by now. I know it must have been tough, but I bet you got lots of hugs and free cuddles! I took off of work the other week when my daughter was sick – I’m sure the nanny could have handled it, but I knew my she just needed me there to comfort her that day.
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