My Oldest Girl is 12 Today

My oldest girl turns 12 today. Can you believe it? I can’t. Though Lee and I have been talking about the fact that it doesn’t seem quite as unbelievable this year because she really looks older. I’m going to celebrate here my favorite way – with fun pictures through the years. But not the same pictures I shared on her 10th birthday or her 11th birthday.  I spent lots of time having fun looking through my flickr photos to find the perfect pictures to share to celebrate. And then using Picmonkey to create collages – starting with age 2 instead of the teeny baby pictures.

jenny age 2

Age 2 – the age of constant princess costumes, welcoming her sister, and fun in the summertime.

jenny age 3

A 3 year old Steelers cheerleader. And a pretty girl who loved to wear necklaces. Lots of necklaces.

jenny age 4

A sassy 4-year-old. Fun hairstyles. Attitude. And it was the year Wilson joined our family.

jenny age 5

Five was a big year. She graduated from pre-school and started kindergarten. And had her first dance recital (of a brief dance career).

jenny age 6

Still sassy as a 6-year-old. She liked to dress up. She really started developing her own style. And she started to love traveling – this was her first flight ever on a trip to Philadelphia.

jenny age 7

One of her many trips to Hilton Head when she was 7. Her cool style at the roller skating rink. And rocking out at a Jonas Brothers concert.

jenny age 8

8 years old. All dressed up for a fancy party near Christmas time. And dressed up to head to her school musical as a go-go girl. Plus fun time at a Miley Cyrus concert.

jenny age 9

Such a pretty 9-year-old representing the family in New York when we couldn’t travel a few days before Brinkley was born. And having a  fun time at the zoo.

jenny age 10

Age 10. The year of family weddings. And elementary school graduation. And a birthday trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

jenny age 11

 And the big middle schooler at age 11. Also shown in her normal state these days – on the computer in her room, and watching TV, with books around her.

She’s grown and changed so much, hasn’t she?

I’m linking up with Greta and Sarah since some of these pictures are phone pictures – a little late because I spent so much time gathering all the pictures!



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  1. Is it just me, or has her face not changed at all? From 2 years on, I can see her older face and it’s so strange to think, no, she’s only two! Such a pretty girl. Happy birthday to her!!
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