Memories Captured: Comic Book Conventions Are Cool

I mentioned last week that one of our favorite events occurs every June: our annual comic book convention.

heroes con

Doesn’t it look fun? I’ll admit I didn’t spend as much time as at the convention this year as I have in years past because it’s not really the place for a toddler who would like to run around 24 hours a day and destroy things, but my girls had more fun than ever.

What can you find at a comic book convention? (Some pictured above.)

  • Comic books. Lots and lots of comic books. This is why my husband likes to go.
  • People dressed in costumes, not limited to comic books. See Trekkies and Star Wars fans getting along above. And Jack Sparrow. Why not? Some of the best people watching happens at comic book conventions. Sometimes you’re not certain if someone’s wearing a costume you don’t recognize or just wearing something…interesting.
  • Comic book (and other sci fi and fantasy) stuff. See Jenny with a comic book print hair bow and though they’re hard to see – Harry Potter earrings and necklace. And even balloon art – Brinky’s holding a Thor hammer.
  • Comic book creaters – amazing artists and writers. This has always been my favorite part of the comic book convention, and I love that my girls (especially Reagan) are into it. They get autographs and sketches every year. Reagan’s not too shy to approach any of them and ask for random sketches. Like this year? She asked for a sketch of Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter and a grizzly bear. Not together – in two separate drawings. I like to believe a talk with Reagan really brightens a creator’s day.

Now don’t you want to head to your nearest comic book convention? And link up with Memories Captured for a chance to win some awesome books? I thought so.

21 thoughts on “Memories Captured: Comic Book Conventions Are Cool

  1. We went to a local convention recently and were so amped up from it that we then booked going to the one in Boston the following weekend. Only problem was that it was the weekend after the Boston Marathon tragedy and the city was still shut down. We will go when it’s rescheduled!
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    • I am fascinated by some of the costumes people wear – especially the ones who clearly put a lot of work into them!

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