Monday Listicles: 10 Photo Memories for Memorial Day

I haven’t been participating in Monday Listicles as often lately, mostly because I can’t get myself organized enough to post on Mondays half the time. But this week? Stasha is celebrating the 100th Monday Listicles link-up! So I decided it was time to join in the fun again. My chosen topic, combining one of my favorite things to do (look at old pictures) with the Memorial Day holiday: 10 Photo Memories for Memorial Day. I’ve selected a few older pictures that I love and telling the story of my memory related to the photo. I focused on spring and summer photos since we’re kicking off the start of summer today!

1. Both my girls, nine years ago. These were pictures I took to make Teacher Appreciation gifts for their daycare teachers. Jenny had one of those temporary tattoos that I always hated on her arm, but I decided I didn’t care. And she was such a baldy. When I look at old pictures, I realize Brinky does look a little like my girls and doesn’t just look exactly like his dad.

mem day 7

2. Can’t you just see how much Reagan loved her big sister and looked up to her? We don’t see this kind of look very often these days from these normal fighting sisters. This picture was taken right after Reagan and Jenny both go their first haircuts – Jenny was four and Reagan was 18 months. Jenny had finally grown enough hair to bother with a haircut.
mem day 1

3. This picture of a little red-faced Reagan always makes me smile. We were in Pittsburgh for a big family reunion, all in our Steelers shirts and having fun with family.

mem day 8

4. This was Jenny’s first time swinging on the girls’ new swingset. This one is fun to me right now because she was so happy to get the swingset way back then and used it often, and then forgot about it a few years. Now that she’s a big almost-teenager, she spends most of her evening time out on the swingset every day, swinging and listening to music and reading.

mem day 3

5. Similar to the swing picture, look how little Jenny and her tree were back when we first built our pond. I posted a couple weeks ago a picture that showed how big her tree (tree planted when she was born) has gotten now, but this picture really makes it clear to me. Even though it’s not a clear picture at all.

mem day 4

6. I love this picture because it’s exactly how I like to remember my mother-in-law, who loved her granddaughters more than anything else. And you can see that clearly here! This picture was taken one of the years Jenny danced, and my mother-in-law arrived at her dress rehearsal – Jenny was very happy to see her!

mem day 2

7. Look at my little traveling Reagan! Her short haircut was so cute. This picture was taken in the airport on the way to visit my brother in Philadelphia – the first, and only, time Reagan’s ever been on a plane. She looked like a pro though, didn’t she?

mem day 10

8. This time of year also makes me think of graduations. Here’s Jenny at her little daycare/preschool graduation. So cute!

mem day 9

9. And Reagan at her daycare/preschool graduation. I’m still to this day not sure what it really means, but she was valedictorian of her preschool. A sign of things to come, I think.

mem day 5

10. I’d almost forgotten about this last picture, but it’s one of the best pictures ever. My girls have taken several trips without us during the summer over the years with their aunts and uncle and grandparents. My sister-in-law sent me this hilarious picture when the girls were staying with her for a little bit about  years ago.

mem day 6

You don’t even know what to say, do you?

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20 thoughts on “Monday Listicles: 10 Photo Memories for Memorial Day

  1. The picture of your mother-in-law and Jenny brought tears to my eyes. My sister and I both danced and my grandparents never missed one recital. I miss them sooo much. My kids have six grandparents right now and I try to give them the best relationships they can have with each one. It’s so important.

    Thanks for this.
    Tamara recently posted..A Bliss of Another Kind.My Profile

    • My kids are down to two grandparents – my parents – we definitely try to make sure they have close relationships with them and miss the ones who aren’t here :(

    • It’s so much fun for me to look back at the old pictures and see how much they’ve changed – or stayed the same :)

    • I’m definitely not ready for a high school graduation! Fortunately we have a few years. But not as many as I’d like!

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