Haircuts and Growing Girls and Milkshakes #iPPP

We finally took Brinky to get his too-long hair cut again this weekend. He was pretty good the first time. He just basically sat there and took it. This time, not so much. But my mom was there with us and she pointed out that it seemed like the screaming kid getting his haircut nearby may have made Brinkley realize it was something to scream about. But he survived, and we wondered about how tough the Snip-Its hair cutting job must be, and then we went out to Golden Corral for a treat with my mom.

brinky haircut

I think he looks kind of pretty in this picture, and a little bit like he’s wearing lipstick.

Later that afternoon we went to a graduation party for a friend. I kept a tired Brinky in the carrier because I still love it, even though he’s getting kind of big. And someone did in fact think he was a girl. I don’t really care about that though. What does bother me is the fact that Jenny somehow looks taller than me in the pictures that were shared after the party.



Maybe it’s because she’s skinnier than me? Because Brinky’s weighing me down. Either way, she’s not actually taller than me. Yet.

That same girl made the mistake of leaving her milkshake on the table the next night. Jenny and Lee and I were in Lee’s office looking at some songs on iTunes and then remembered that Brinky was still downstairs wandering around. We went to see what he was up to and found this:

brinky milkshake

It was kind of a mess. Definitely required a bath, which was so annoying because I wasn’t planning to give him one right that minute, so I made Jenny help. We did stop him when he started trying to eat the styrofoam cup. What’s still cracking me up though? Is that Greta realized how I really should have captioned this picture on Instagram:

2013-05-15 06.02.55


Greta sure is funny. Her #iPPP post today isn’t funny, but it’s definitely something that should be read. So go check it out and link up with Greta and Sarah:



22 thoughts on “Haircuts and Growing Girls and Milkshakes #iPPP

  1. I love that you’re in one of the pictures!
    I used to cut my son’s hair when he was younger and the only way to do it was to feed him gummy bears during the process. I’m glad those days are over and now I just send him to get his hair cut!
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..Are we still fighting?My Profile

    • I can’t wait until he’s fine with getting his hair cut! Hopefully this was an anomaly and it will go better next time.

  2. My 13 year old son once ate a fortune cookie…with the fortune still inside. So, you see, I guess things don’t always change as they get older.
    He’s adorable, by the way.
    Shannon recently posted..SymphonyMy Profile

  3. He really is pretty! And your daughter is getting so close to being taller than you! That’s going to be a weird day for me when my kids reach that point :) Ice cream goodness that requires a bath afterwards–what could be better? :)

  4. Oh lord, the unattended food made a mess. LOL it happens to me often.

    Also, wearing a baby can lower you down, but maybe your tall girl was stepping on something that made her look taller? … hard to tell, right?
    Mama and the City recently posted..Tulip Me PleaseMy Profile

    • I love the first few days after my own haircuts! The kids always look more grown up right after haircuts, I think.

  5. He really is a beautiful boy! :)

    I’ve never taken our 3 year old for a haircut, not sure how he’d react. But I think he’s ready. I’m tired of his bad haircuts by his grandmother (well-intentioned, but it’s really not her forte, haha!).
    Alison recently posted..The Other SideMy Profile

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