Tasty Tuesday: Quick and Easy Broccoli Feta Pasta Salad

How many recipes do I start with the words quick and easy? So many because those are important features of a recipe for me.

I’ve had a very productive morning, preparing pasta salad for my work lunches for the next three days, and preparing chicken noodle casserole for the family’s dinner this evening. The pasta salad was so quick and convenient that it hardly seems like a real recipe, but I thought I’d share anyway because it’s so good.


Four simple ingredients:

Pasta (already prepared – mine was leftover from last night)

Steamed broccoli (these Green Giant Seasoned Steamers are so good)

Feta Cheese (I used reduced fat so that I feel healthier)

Italian dressing (Light again for the same reason)

The preparation is probably obvious from there. I microwaved the broccoli according to its instructions, tossed everything in a bowl and mixed it up. The broccoli is so flavorful that I didn’t need much dressing at all.


A quick and easy meal that’s perfect for my lunch, especially because this is the kind of pasta salad that I love that no one else in my family would consider eating because of the broccoli and feta cheese. Except for my one non-picky child, Reagan. She’d eat it. And it’s probably healthier than the chips I’d end up getting if I forgot to pack my lunch.

12 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday: Quick and Easy Broccoli Feta Pasta Salad

  1. My husband won’t eat anything that doesn’t. Have some type of meat in it. Think this would be ok with grilled chicken breast slices in it?

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