Dental Floss, A Ghost Cat, and A Broken Thumb #iPPP

Otherwise known as a Tuesday night. So what’s been happening around here?

Well, the weather has turned more spring like. Sort of. At least at certain points in the day. And with daylight savings time, Brinky has time to play outside with the neighbors after I get home from work. Last night he was so happy he was laughing and squealing and jumping around. But that didn’t mean he was willing to put down his dental floss. Have I mentioned that dental floss is by far his favorite toy?

brinky street

He had fun playing and even gave his neighbor friend sweet hugs. But none of that meant he was willing to put down his floss.

Another thing that makes Brinkley really happy? Our ghost cat. Ever since we had to have one of our cats put to sleep in the fall, we find that a lot of evenings Brinky starts laughing HARD in his room after he’s gone to bed. He’s in his room, in the dark, with nothing to do but go to sleep. And he starts laughing like he’s having the best time. So we decided that the ghost of Marisa the cat must hang out in there with him. This weekend Reagan and Lee got it in their minds that Marisa is truly entertaining him, with a stand-up comedy routine, while wearing leather pants and a sequin shirt. I mean, I’d probably laugh too.

Then there’s Jenny. This girl has been home sick from school since last Thursday evening when her fever and cough started.


She probably could have gone back to school yesterday, but there have been a lot of kids out sick, and her teachers really didn’t want any of them back until they were definitely better. She did head back to school this morning. Anyway, the point is that while she’s been sick, I kind of forgot about the thumb she smashed with a weight last Wednesday. And yesterday when I looked at it again, I realized it’s really not looking too great. I should probably clarify that our original thought was that it was bruised, possibly jammed, not broken.


So…I’m thinking we’ll be heading to the doctor to get that checked out too. Apparently she hadn’t wanted to say anything else about it because one of her teachers said she’d probably have to have her fingernail removed.

That’s our life right now. What’s happening in yours?

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21 thoughts on “Dental Floss, A Ghost Cat, and A Broken Thumb #iPPP

    • Two months later (oops – got a little behind on my comment replies!) and that fingernail finally came off. So gross.

    • She certainly feels better now – maybe I can say that’s my excuse for forgetting to reply to comments for two months :)

  1. OUCH! Poor girl. I hope she gets a clean bill of health from the doctor and doesn’t have to have her nail removed (who says that?!?!). I love that Brinky plays with floss! Maybe I should give some to Erv, see what he thinks. I’m still waiting on spring….it’s been pretty darn cold here still.
    Greta @gfunkified recently posted..Progress #iPPPMy Profile

  2. OUCCH. Those thumb injuries are a total pain.
    Here we are no better off. I am suspicious that I have strep (at least strep- hoping it’s not something worse like mono) and B got all banged up yesterday when he fell off a scooter and has road rash going down his face. Today is – let’s see what can happen to the twins- day. Can’t wait.

  3. Ghost Cat sounded so awesome I could hardly concentrate on the rest of this post! hahaha, leather pants and all…and you know, I actually believe that it is entirely possible that some variation of that is happening in there at night. Kids are weird like that sometimes-more “in tune” with things we are too grown upy to see or hear.

    Great post, except for the thumb. That is a bummer and hope she feels better soon!

    • It’s been two months (I’m a little behind in comment replies) and my daughter is still talking about the ghost cat in her leather pants.

  4. I saw this earlier this week and bookmarked it to come back. Your son is so beautiful (daughter too) and his hair looks like what my baby’s hair might look like once his bald spots all grow in. Love!
    Tamara recently posted..Behind the Lens.My Profile

    • I’m still glad it wasn’t broken, but that fingernail finally came off last week and it was SO gross. (I’m a little behind on comment replies!)

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