The Elusive Jenny #iPPP

I mentioned in my Project 365 post this week that Jenny’s a hard girl to track down these days. Actually, that’s not true. She’s here, in the house, reading. But ever since she turned 11 and started middle school, she’s decided she no longer likes being photographed. This girl, who used to always be willing to pose for the camera:


Last night I decided I was going to sneak a picture of her without her noticing. I pulled out my phone, all casual like, figuring she wouldn’t even notice. This is what happened.


A very attractive Reagan photobomb. And I actually think I would have caught Jenny that time. But she was on to me.


Reagan blocked her again in what appears to be a very uncomfortable position, to me.


There’s a Jenny blur behind Reagan.


My last attempt of last night. Jenny pulled out a blanket to block the camera – and ended up covering Reagan’s head up with it.

This afternoon I was sitting at the kitchen table with Jenny after school and decided to try sneaking another picture. She was diligently working on her homework.


Victory. Sort of. She didn’t notice me taking the picture because my phone was practically under the table. But it wasn’t a good picture either. I decided to get greedy and try again when she got up to put her jacket on.


And she actively tried to block the camera. Oh well. It was a good effort. Sort of. I’ll catch her on film again one day.

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5 thoughts on “The Elusive Jenny #iPPP

  1. I think it’s just a phase, my daughter was like that as well. Now she wants to be behind and in front of the camera…
    I saw you use the “all out of” pads from Knock Knock Stuff, I love their office supplies and lists, they are awesome!
    Also, thanks for liking my Facebook page!!!
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..Three HatsMy Profile

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