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Last week Reagan made me a couple gifts that led me to believe she has a future career as a Pinterest-er. Or a crafty blogger who pins a lot at least.

Last year the girls made me a lot of gifts and decorations for my birthday. This year…they didn’t really get around to it. Reagan felt bad and made me a couple last minute gifts the evening of my birthday.

Gift #1: Pencil Holder

IMG1287 She presented it to me and explained how she made it. Keep in mind that I’m sure it was done in the safest way possible. She cut the top off a Cheerwine can and cleaned it out. She then put duct tape around the top so I wouldn’t cut myself when she gave it to me (considerate, right?). Final step: decorate construction paper and wrap it around the can and tape it on. A perfect pencil holder for me to put on my desk at work!

Gift #2: Wall Art

A lovely piece of art for me to hang on my wall at work:



(I’m an accountant for this grocery store, so that’s how she came up with this idea.) This one was made using a plain piece of paper and a plastic grocery bag. She cut out the logo and glued it onto the paper. I particularly like the detail of writing “To: Mommy (Katie)” on the bottom, just in case some other Mommy was going to try to claim it.

After she made my gifts, she decided she wanted to get creative in the kitchen with a recipe. She kept coming into the room to ask if she could use another item. Of course now that I’m trying to find the piece of paper with the recipe, I can’t, but it was basically flour, water and green food coloring. She wrote out a recipe, titled it green stuff, explained what she did and at the bottom wrote, “Enjoy!” Like someone was going to eat it.

While I’m on the subject of Reagan, I’ll share one more recent paper she brought home from school because I love it so much that it should be shared.


 In case you can’t read her perfect handwriting:

I am unique because I’d rather read than go outside and play. I get obsessed with book series really easily. I love Greek mythology and I really like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series, which is based on roman and greek mythology. I almost always wear sweatpants and tee shirts and a jacket. Yesterday when I found out my B in math is back to an A, I did a fist pump in the air and shouted “YES!” I am unique like a snowflake.

Isn’t that just one of the cutest things you’ve ever read? If you’ve made it to the end post, send good thoughts her way (and to the rest of the family) because she woke up at 5:00 this morning with a fever, headache, eye ache and wobbly legs that I think may mean she has the flu. So she’ll be spending her day in bed.


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  1. what creative kids you have, I LOVE creativity and using their imaginations. What an awesome essay, yes, good for her for understanding and loving that she is unique and being proud of herself. Great job mom!

    Happy Saturday Sharefest
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