Memories Captured: Piano Girl

My parents gave Reagan an amazing keyboard for her birthday last month, and unlike most of the toys she’s ever received, she’s still in love with it a month later. We’ve been fortunate to have a young neighbor with a lot more musical talent than anyone in our house who thought it would be fun to teach Reagan how to play the keyboard and the guitar she got for Christmas. She’s really doing a good job with Reagan, taking her time, and teaching her the fundamentals.

My memories captured post this month is Reagan’s first song on the keyboard, Alouette. She’s mostly mastered it at this point, and it’s wonderful. Though the rest of us might like it if she learned another song because we’ve heard this one just a few times.



Obviously she looks like a pro, but I also took a quick video so you can hear how she sounds. She’s still learning, but she’s making major progress!

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6 thoughts on “Memories Captured: Piano Girl

    • I really want one of my kids to be into music (not because I was – more because it’s a skill I definitely lack).

  1. Awesome! She’s doing a great job! Music and drama were the two things I really focused on and had fun with in school, and I’m always grateful that I had the opportunity. Keep up the good work, R!

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