Project 365: Week 6

Well, I did the worst job with Project 365 this past week, but I’m doing the post, with a couple surprises, anyway.

February 4:

Happy Brinky eating his evening yogurt.



February 5:

No pictures taken, so here’s a picture of a littler sleeping Brinky from last year at this time. Remember when he used to fall asleep at night like a good boy?



February 6:

I still use my Ergo carrier with Brinkley even though he’s a giant. We went to the doctor’s office with Lee Wednesday morning and it was so nice to keep him contained in the carrier. And he actually fell asleep while I was rocking him in the Ergo, which hasn’t happened in months.

feb 6

February 7:

No picture again, so looking two years back. It was apparently a gymnastics weekend for both girls.

5487379764_526b64de1d_b 5487388760_f701a66ae1_b


February 8:

Last day I forgot to take a picture, so I’m going back three years to a picture of Jenny all ready for her school musical. Doesn’t she look so much older now?



February 9:

Brinky kept attacking me when I was doing the Saturday morning SITS Sharefest Twitter party, so I took a picture with the webcam.

snapshot (3)


February 10:

Before Jenny and I settled in for a long evening of bonding while watching the Grammys, Reagan got in some good practice on her keyboard. She can now play Alouette, and it’s so cute.


I just took a picture of Brinky sitting beside me this Monday morning, so at least I know I’ve got one day down this week.

6 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 6

  1. I love the looks back, and that you’re still going even though you’ve missed a couple of days! Brinky’s hair is getting long again…he looks so cute! He did before, of course, too. :) Erv’s hair is growing out some, too, but his buzz cut is starting to get fuzzy. Ha! I can’t wait until it grows out some more.
    Greta @gfunkified recently posted..Project 365 (Week 6)My Profile

    • Brinky’s hair is getting long enough that we’re getting close to haircut time again, but I’m enjoying the curls again for now :)

  2. I’m totally loving the girls in those flashbacks! I can’t believe how much Jenny has changed. Even Reagan looks so grown up.
    And there is now way I would be able to keep up with this project. I think Chris and I actually have no documentation from a whole year of our lives. Either that or it was so hideous that we deleted it all and erased it from memory!

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