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We started Brinky in a toddler gymnastics class a couple weeks ago. Since he’s a stay-at-home kid, unlike my girls who were daycare babies (and quite a bit older than him), I thought it would be good for him to be around other kids closer to his age and learn a little bit about being in a setting where there’s some structure and he is supposed to listen to a teacher. So far, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected it to be. There are moments he enjoys it. He doesn’t enjoy circle time at the beginning of class, but he loves the free time to play on all the gymnastics equipment. Except when other kids want to use the same equipment he wants to use. I make one of my girls go with me as extra support each week. The first week Reagan joined us, and last week Jenny came along. She put herself in charge of photography (with my phone).

What he likes: the tumble track (really long trampoline).

IMG847 (1)

What he doesn’t like: being dragged off the trampoline because he’s just supposed to go one way and then get off and wait in line again. (Excuse my appearance. I don’t believe in dressing up for toddler gymnastics class.)



Then I tried to convince him it was fun to move on and wait in line again.



We eventually got him to move on to other equipment, like the rings.



But he still threw himself down on the mat in protest.



Jenny helped by observing and wondering why I forced her to go along with me.

IMG881 (1)


Then we moved over to the pit, which he did like.



He just decided to hang out in there for a bit.



Last thing he tried was the slide. He had so much fun going down the slide that he wanted to climb back up.



And was a little mad that it wouldn’t work. But that was sort of the story of gymnastics class for him. He likes it when he can do exactly what he wants, and he’s mad the rest of the time. It was slightly better week two than week one, and I expect it to improve as he adjusts to the setting!

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30 thoughts on “Toddler Gymnastics #iPPP

    • Yes! It seems as though they’ve removed the clock from the gym – I think it’s so you don’t realize that it’s secretly like 5 hours of torture :)

  1. He likes it when he can do exactly what he wants

    Sounds like a toddler! Which is a good thing he is so stinking cute :)

    And really you don’t do full make-up and flat iron for toddler gymnastics? Geesh.

    • Yeah, I kind of don’t wear makeup. Ever. Or do more than brush my hair. I’m not very good at being a girl. But I do dress slightly better than leggings and a sweatshirt when I go to work.

    • Yeah, it may not get better for the girls – some days are better. But Jenny at age 11? Ugh. I know she’s not that bad, but it’s just so weird.

  2. we’re enrolling our daughter (3yo) in “nastics” this spring. She’s so excited. Toddlers are so funny. They know what they want don’t they? Oscar is just know starting to get his NO personality going. Oh the joys of this age :)

    • It cracks me up because when my oldest started gymnastics when she was 3 or 4, she was freakishly scared of the pit and would not go in it. Most kids love it!

    • It’s one of the best gyms in this region – it is awesome! My girls did gymnastics there for years. My brother-in-law climbed the rope even though he was definitely over the age limit :)

    • Learning to take turns is QUITE difficult! Especially when he doesn’t have to take turns with anyone at home (his older sisters don’t really want to do the same things he does).

  3. Aren’t these places just THE BEST?! I wish I could build one in our back room, lock the door- and say have at it boys! Oh and make sure there are padded walls too.

    • I know! His teacher said we just need a 26 foot trampoline at home and we’ll be all set since that’s the only equipment he wants to use.

    • A few weeks in and he still doesn’t want to do anything but jump on the tumble track. He’s boring his older sisters when I force them to go with me :)

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