Project 365: Week 4

January 21:

I missed a day, okay? It was a holiday, so it doesn’t even count. I’ll post extra pictures from another day to make up for it.

January 22:

IMG614 (1) Reagan’s continuing her efforts to become a professional photobomber. This picture’s blurry, but it makes me laugh.

January 23:

jan 24 Reagan was hanging out with us, avoiding bedtime, just laughing and having a great time.

January 24:

jan 23 Before school music and Nook time.

January 25:

IMG640 Brinky caught the cold Reagan started the week with (maybe that’s why I didn’t take any pictures on Monday!), and he was a pitiful little thing.

But after some Tylenol and rest, he felt a bit better!


January 26:

IMG698 He still didn’t feel his best on Saturday by the end of the day, so he decided to rest on me.

January 27:

We had some fun playing Super Mario Bros. All Stars on the Wii, which really amused all of our children. Except Brinky. He didn’t care for it. He thinks the big TV is for his shows. Jenny took several pictures with my phone that are hilarious, including these:

IMG728 He just laid down like that in front of the TV.

IMG729 So funny.

jan 27 2 She took one of her excellent cellphone self portraits – she’s looking a little better than Brinky. And better than I did earlier in the day when I tried to take one.

jan 27 3










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