What I’m Reading Right Now: Books from the Digital Library!

When my parents decided to get my girls Nooks for Christmas, I decided to finally take the time to look into digital library lending. It’s been so amazing that I feel like I need to take a minute to share for those who haven’t discovered it!

A girl with a Nook.

A girl with a Nook.

I’ve been a Kindle reader for almost four years now. I thought it might be a difficult switch for me – from paper books to electronic. But I’ve loved it from day one, and now I find it kind of a pain to read a paper book. It’s so much easier to have everything I read in one handy device. I still reading on my original Kindle, and I also use the Kindle app on my phone. But I’ll admit that I’ve spent a lot of money on books for my Kindle over the years. Less than I would have on paper books, but still a good chunk of money. And I wasn’t looking forward to doing the same for my girls.

I remembered reading a year or so ago that library lending was going to be available for the Kindle, but I never took the time to check it out. With two more e-readers in the house, I decided it was time. And can I tell you it’s been amazing? More for me than for the girls even. I borrowed my first book on December 18, and I’m now on book number 10. In my case I’m using the North Carolina Digital Library, but I’m guessing most libraries have a digital library now.

It’s so simple to use that I wish I’d started earlier! I can borrow up to four books at a time, for 14 days each. I can place books on hold if they’re not available. I can transfer the books either to my Kindle or to my phone. And as soon as I finish one I can return it and borrow something else. The selection is obviously not the same as hopping on Amazon and finding almost any book I want, but I’m having fun browsing and finding books to read. Especially since they’re free! I’ve read some older books that I realized I’d never read by some of my favorite authors. Even re-reading some that I read several years ago. And since I’m borrowing through my Kindle all the books I’ve read still show up in my Kindle library so that I can keep track of what I’ve borrowed (even though they’re not available after I’ve returned them – I just like keeping track).

So if you’re an e-reader fan – or even want to be able to read on your phone – check your library’s website for access to a digital library! While I’ve focused on use with the Kindle here, my girls also successfully added the Overdrive app to their Nooks and borrowed a couple books and there are also i-everything options available!

Linking up with Mama Kat, responding to the prompt, “What are you reading?” because I think everyone needs to know about the digital library option.

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  1. I also thought I would have trouble making the switch to an e-reader but I started with a Sony e-reader about 5 years ago and never looked back. I now have the Kindle FIre and a regular Kindle and I love those things. I love my library’s electronic lending feature but I find that their selection is somewhat lacking, even though it’s getting better.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll definitely be following you in my reader…I’m so happy to find another blogger with some kids who are a bit older, since my girls are 14 and 11.
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