Music = Togetherness #iPPP

My girls fight more often than not these days, so I was happy to see them join together this week for something very important to them. A quest to buy new music. They’d been working on a plan of pooling their money and selecting songs they both agreed on from iTunes, and it was hard work. When Reagan got an Amazon gift card for her birthday (thanks Aunt Lisa, Uncle Dustin, and Lucas), I suggested that they use it for their music.

Side note: how awesome is it that a lot of songs are cheaper on Amazon MP3 and still import into iTunes and on to iPods? Jenny was very happy that they were able to buy three more songs because they saved money by buying from Amazon. Though she initially acted like that was the stupidest idea ever. She did actually thank me for the idea later and admitted it was a good one, which rarely happens with always-right Jenny.

Anyway, they worked hard on their list of music, working and reworking  it and checking the math to be sure they had enough money for all the songs they wanted. Jenny had it all written out in her journal.



So we got to work ordering the songs. Even though on some songs we made comments like “Really? You actually like that?” we bought everything they had picked out. Up until the last year, we’ve generally only bought music for them that we like too, so it’s been a definite shift recently towards them having their own (sometimes bad) taste in music and spending a lot of time listening to music. Jenny always has her headphones in while she’s reading. And she was excited about getting up at 5:30 for school this morning so she’d have more time to listen to her new music!



Look at the two of them together working on this. They were actually being nice to each other. I love how the music brought them together. Even though there were a few songs they disagreed on and bought with their combined money anyway (Avril Lavigne’s Sk8r Boi for Reagan and stuff I’ve never heard of from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack for Jenny). Brinkley was so excited about it that he decided to get out of bed way after he should have been asleep, but much to his disappointment they weren’t even playing his favorite song, Party Rock Anthem.

(Unrelated, if you’re wondering what’s happening on the walls behind them, they were on the computer in my husband’s office and he has his notes for the book he’s working on pinned to the wall.)



18 thoughts on “Music = Togetherness #iPPP

  1. Ha! I like your disclaimer at the bottom.

    Yes- that is fantastic that they have something like music to bring them together. It kind of makes me regret that my sister and I did not have a bond like that.

  2. that pic is just REALLY wonderful. I love how they planned it all out, figured it all out together. as much fun as it is with the little ones, this kind of stuff makes me really excited for my kids to get big too and see where their interests take them. What kind of music they’ll like, for example. good stuff. looking forward to a lot of #ippp fun times ahead :)

    • Sometimes we find we actually like some of the music they introduce to the family, so that’s nice. And yes, these types of moments with the older kids can be so special. Mine definitely have their own interests now!

  3. You had me at “argue more than not” – my kids do the same thing! What they do have in common in making their YouTube videos and I’m glad about that as well.
    Music is great, too – but my daughter still likes Justin Bieber 😉
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..Life in GeneralMy Profile

    • I caught my girls on my oldest’s bed the other night just watching YouTube videos together too! I think they secretly like each other, even if they hate to admit it these days. My middle girl went through a brief Justin Bieber phase this summer, but that was it. They’ve never really gotten too into him.

    • Ha…don’t worry – I remember that feeling, too! Even worse, finding a tape where you recorded songs off the radio. Or yourself singing those songs…

    • I know – I kept telling Reagan she didn’t have to do that with her money because I thought Jenny was forcing her, but she said she wanted to. It definitely leaned more towards Jenny’s music than Reagan’s, but they seemed to agree anyway.

  4. I wish my sister and I had music to unite us! Alas, I was into alternative and she liked rap. That made our teenage years even MORE fun for my mother.

    I love how organized your family is in regard to thought processes. That’s amazing. :)

  5. Very nice! Impressive how they worked it out. I hope I can model such great behavior. On a totally different note….you dont look nearly old enough to have such big girls;) and seriously 5:30!!!!! Yuck

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