New Year, New Habits: Project 365 #iPPP

Another new thing I want to commit to this year? Taking more pictures. (Some may think I already take too many, but they’d be wrong.) I know I already mentioned it, but I’m still so excited I’ll say it again – I got a new camera for Christmas! And I’m so excited that it makes me want to take pictures constantly. I thought it would be fitting to do my first Project 365 post for today’s #iPPP since I got the idea from Greta. Between my new camera and my phone, I should always be able to manage at least one picture every day, right?

January 1:

The only picture I took…was of dinner. Exciting, I know. It was delicious though (Honey Parmesan Pork Roast in the crockpot).


January 2:

Um, yeah. Also only a picture of my food. We’re trying to start the new year off with more healthy habits, so I’ve been a little food focused. This was Cilantro Lime Chicken in the crockpot.



January 3:

Brinky looking so cute at the window when we were waiting for our new washing machine to arrive since ours rudely broke after only three years. Related, I don’t recommend a Maytag Centennial washer. (Lee asks that you ignore the rust on the blinds – it upsets him.)



January 4:

Reagan studying for the big school spelling bee on Friday!



January 5:

On stage at the spelling bee! If I can brag for a moment…she got second place! A third grader in the third through fifth grade spelling bee! I was so impressed with her spelling and her clear speaking into the microphone. Everyone cheered when she spelled “baccalaureate” correctly. The word she missed (so we’ll remember it for all time) was “equanimity” – a tough one.



January 6:

I just realized my days are totally off, but I’m going to keep going anyway because I apparently missed a day. Jenny, making a rare appearance around her family because she had to make French food for her quarterly French project.


For the record, these potatoes were really tasty. And healthy (covered in bacon, cream, and cheese).



January 7:

Brinkley wondering why I didn’t stop him when he resorted to eating pudding with his hands. I wondered the same thing.



That’s it for week 1! We’ll see if I can keep it going. Linking up with Greta and Julie for the first #iPPP of the new year:




20 thoughts on “New Year, New Habits: Project 365 #iPPP

  1. Well I for one am on board with bacon and cream cheese being firmly in the good for you column 😉

    Seriously your babes are just beautiful. I am especially in love with Brinky’s cheeks!! Congratulations to Reagan and her spelling bee finish!!
    Mama Pants recently posted..In the Picture (#iPPP)My Profile

  2. I have heard much about the suckage of the Maytag. Geez, get it together people! The internet is not making you look good.

    I love when you do picture-packed posts because catching a glimpse into your family life always makes me think that I could totally do three kids one day – it looks so…complete.

  3. All of that food looks SO good. And Brinky is handsome, as always! Way to go, Reagan! Even without the blog, she’ll probably remember that word forever. I still remember the word that I got kicked out of the county bee on. :)

  4. Oh that pudding picture is priceless! So cute! I just love those pictures! Oh and those potatoes look really really good!

  5. I am aaaaalllll in on the food photos. And I wouldn’t be mad if you shared the recipes. Just saying.

    Also glad that my kiddo’s not the only one who gets the “MOM. YOU LET ME GET MY HANDS DIRTY.” face. Such a cutie – all of them. And YAY spelling bee! *smart kiddos dance*
    nerdmommathfun recently posted..Christmas surpriseMy Profile

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