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2012 is over (and I’m a day or two late with this post)! I already posted about my most popular posts of 2012, but I also wanted to do a more complete wrap-up post of what was going on in our lives this year. So here goes.


We celebrated Reagan’s 8th birthday. I finally got a new phone, replacing my sucky one. Just for the record, the new one pretty much sucks at this point too. And I wrote one of my favorite posts of the year – the soundtrack of my life. I got Brinky’s one year pictures taken a little late so I posted a retrospective of his monthly pictures.

The 8 year old

The 8 year old


February’s not a particularly exciting month in our lives, though we did celebrate my birthday. We also celebrated Valentine’s Day, which we never celebrate really, but I had fun looking back at old pictures of me and my husband. We had our first glimpse of what middle school would be like at the middle school open house. Brinky was cute. I cut Reagan’s hair, making it clear why I don’t normally do that. And my smart girls had awesome report cards and celebrated with Olive Garden for dinner.

feb 2012

Report card celebration!


It looks like March was the month of Hunger Games in our household, and I had to (got to) take Jenny to the midnight premiere. We celebrated three years of sobriety for Lee. I took the girls and their friends to a school dance, and managed to get gasoline all over myself on the way. We had a fun day at the park, which is not something we do often. And, big news – poop face was captured on camera.

Poop face - caught.

Poop face – caught.


I tried a detox cleanse diet, and quit it. I wrote a fun post describing a school morning in our house. I freaked out a little because Jenny’s growing up and had her first “family life” class at school. I shared what is still one of our favorite recipes. The girls went to my parents’ house while Brinky enjoyed life as an only child and made this hilarious face.

How's this face?

How’s this face?


May is the month of Mother’s Day – my girls made me some cool gifts and I took some pictures of the kids for my mom. Jenny got mad at me. And had what she called a crying day. But she wasn’t all grumpy, all the time – she also wrote some Hunger Games poetry. Brinky had a lot of fun torturing his dog. Reagan wrote about her scary nightmare. Both girls had one of their favorite school days of the year (Jenny’s last) – Field Day. And we had a great time at our first family wedding of the year!

With Uncle Justin at his wedding (blurry, but cute).

With Uncle Justin at his wedding (blurry, but cute).


Brinky turned 18 months old. The girls finished school and got their final awesome report cards of the year (and apparently I managed to not post about Jenny’s graduation). Reagan said she was sorry in the coolest way. We celebrated Father’s Day and Lee’s birthday, but I guess I didn’t write about them either. We went to another family wedding, and I flew there with Brinkley.

Walking down the aisle at Uncle Mario's wedding (one of these kids isn't mine).

Walking down the aisle at Uncle Mario’s wedding (one of these kids isn’t mine).


Brinky had his first sprinkler experience because it was so hot. Jenny made up a cool game. And I let her do some posts, including her own Magazine Day post, the week of her birthday. She also got her first cell phone, and we celebrated her birthday at a hotel in style. And I tried Couch to 5K for about a week – at least I had good music.

Hotel birthday party with friends.

Hotel birthday party with friends.


Oops – I missed our anniversary in July, but only by a day! I did some of my favorite posts – annual interviews with each of the kids (Jenny, Reagan, Brinkley). The girls went to one more family wedding, a trek we skipped due to the little one who doesn’t travel well, and had tons of fun. We survived middle school open house, but started to get a little nervous about it. Brinky stayed up too late, but he was so cute. We were focused on back to school – getting organized, the first day, and long talks.

First day of school - with a baby brother in the way - in the dark because middle school starts so early.

First day of school – with a baby brother in the way – in the dark because middle school starts so early.


I start to get really busy at work in September, so I didn’t post much. We focused on school and our new early morning routine. Reagan went to Dollywood and brought back an alien.

The alien in our house.

The alien in our house.


You’d think I’d talk about Halloween in October, but I didn’t post any pictures until November. So…I did post about how gross Brinky was being.  I caught Brinky looking just like Lee did around the same age. I felt cool when I guest posted on Kludgy Mom. I think I created the word tattle-texting from an experience with my girls. And Jenny consistently impressed me with her cellphone self-portrait skills.

Cellphone self-portrait.

Cellphone self-portrait.


It was a milestone month for Brinkley – he officially quit his crib (by climbing out of it repeatedly) and he got his first haircut. I wrote a fun post describing my life in numbers. I finally had some vacation time after a couple long months of hard work and took pictures of the kids for Christmas cards (including the clearly perfect one below). And I went to the grocery store with Brinkley while I was on vacation (just like I do every week) and got lots of stuff to make for Thanksgiving and shared some of my Pinterest successes.

Yep, I put this picture on our Christmas cards!

Yep, I put this picture on our Christmas cards!


Lots of focus on Christmas in December, of course! Elf on the shelf fun. Our annual Christmas parade with a more grown up Jenny. A look at some of our Christmas ornaments. And in the middle of all that Brinky turned 2! And I got a new camera for Christmas that’s still making me so happy thanks to my mom and dad.

Reagan and Brinky enjoying his new laptop.

Reagan and Brinky enjoying his new laptop.

That’s our year in review, linking up with Robin at Farewell Stranger to say farewell to 2012 and hello to 2013!

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  1. I love this look back on 2012! I can’t believe how much they all changed in a year. The girls are so beautiful and Brinky in that photo with his laptop…killing me with cuteness! Hope you all have a great 2013! I’ll be here to hear all about it as you go. :-)
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