Big Giant List of Holiday Shopping Ideas

Now that December’s here I thought I would compile a big list of some of my favorite online places to shop, past and present, for those who didn’t finish all their shopping Thanksgiving week and need ideas. While I shared some holiday gift ideas from etsy a few days ago, I’ll admit that most of my shopping is done at other online shopping sites, and honestly mostly at Amazon, but I have found a few different places I love to shop over the years for some different gifts. I was going to split this into multiple posts, but I decided to just do one giant post so it’s easy (for me) to refer back to.

First and most important when I’m shopping online, I always start at ebates. If I go through ebates to find my other online shopping destinations, I end up getting cash back, and what’s not to love about that? As of right this moment when I’m typing this post, I’ve earned $184.09 in ebates. Cool, right? So if you haven’t signed up for ebates, do it now before you start shopping!

I honestly do as much shopping as possible at Amazon because I love my Amazon Prime two-day shipping and I watch the Lightning Deals throughout the holiday season for awesome deals. And now that Amazon has added categories to ebates, I also get cash back. So yes, Amazon is great, but I also have a few other favorites.

For Fun Different Gifts for Everyone in the Family:

Fred Flare –  I seriously love Fred Flare. There are so many fun (and cheap) gifts that are perfect for almost everyone in my family. A few I’ve ordered in the past include this scratch off map for my travelling brother-in-law, this funny dance moves book for (I think) my cool sister-in-law, these cute and fun iphone lens filters, and this magic growing Christmas tree for my girls. There’s so much fun stuff to choose from – even in the less than $10 category!

Knock Knock – I can’t resist getting a few items from Knock Knock every year. All the products are hilarious for basically my exact sense of humor, so that’s fun. I’ve bought some for myself (this grocery pad I’ve used every week for several years) and some as funny gifts for others (Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy because how funny, The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You to help decrease stress). I may have ordered a few gifts this year.

Uncommon Goods – I’ve also ordered from Uncommon Goods in the past when I’m looking for something just right for some of my hard to buy for recipients. They can be a little pricier than Fred Flare of Knock Knock (though they do have plenty of options), but I purchased one of our favorite gifts ever – Table Topics – from Uncommon Goods. It led to some of the best family dinner conversations ever. I definitely recommend Table Topics!

Think Geek – We have a lot of geeks in our family because we’re cool like that. And I can always find fun gifts on Think Geek. I think their musical T-shirts are fun and have ordered a couple to form a family band in the past, or a Buffy t-shirt for those of us who still love Buffy, and this awesome dinosaur plant.

Cafe Press – Sometimes I want to make a customized gift for someone and I head straight to Cafe Press. We’ve ordered funny customized t-shirts for everyone in the family in the past. I’ve ordered duffle bags for my girls with their names on them for sleepovers, and last year I got them each iTouch cases with their names to reduce the odds of fighting over whose iTouch was whose. So many great choices!

Speaking of my girls…

For Gifts for Girls (and Some for Boys):

Little Miss Matched – We’ve loved Little Miss Matched for years! Who cares if you can find the one match for your sock? Not us! I have purchased their socks for my girls – and for me. And they are so durable that we still have them (most of them – and if you lose one it’s okay!). I love the Sock Jar! We’ve also purchased t-shirts (one of Reagan’s favorites ever), jammies, and backpacks from them in the past.

e.l.f. Cosmetics – I used to order from e.l.f. with my co-workers every once in a while because everyone loved their products and we liked to combine shipping. Their products are still great (and cheap) and now that my girls are getting older I find that a lot of the e.l.f. products, especially nail polishes and lip glosses make perfect stocking stuffers.

Marbles: The Brain Store – This one’s obviously not just for girls, but it’s perfect for my smart girls! We’re a game-loving family and there are some great choices at Marbles. I love the Brain Boxes, Spot It, and Story Cubes, and so do my girls! And I’m sure Brinky will once he can talk. And read. – My mother-in-law used to have a tradition of giving a new calendar to each of her kids each year, and I’m thinking about starting that up again now that my girls are old enough to really use a calendar and start keeping track of some of their activities themselves. And there are so many fun choices on that cover all of their interests! – I shouldn’t even put this on here, but you know what my girls (especially Reagan) always ask for as gifts on holidays or for report cards? Candy. They always want candy. And has candy covered!

Zoobooks – Our Zoobooks subscription has been coming for almost a year now, and my animal loving girl is still excited each time every issue arrives. She tells us everything we could ever want to know about each featured animal, whether or not we want to hear it! Great for any animal loving elementary school kids!

For Clothes & Shoes:

Old Navy – I usually can’t resist some of the good deals at Old Navy for the holidays, especially the girls like their clothes. Jenny wants their skinny jeans in all the colors! And they’re on ebates!

Kohls – While I often find the Kohls physical store crowded and painful to shop, they have a lot of good deals available online too, and yes, they are on ebates! I placed an order this morning, so now I have a little more cash back pending!

Justice – Do all girls love Justice clothes? I think so. Jenny’s starting to grow out of the clothes at Justice, and the love for Justice, but Reagan still thinks they have all the coolest clothes. (Jenny’s unfortunately moving onto the very expensive Abercrombie & Fitch.) And they’re on ebates!

P.S. from Aeropostale – We’ve also liked clothes from P.S. and found great deals at the holidays! Plus…I’ll try to stop mentioning it but I seriously think everyone should sign up…ebates!

ThredUp – Want to pay a little less for some like-new clothes? I tried ThredUp for the first time recently – I filled a bag with some of the girls old clothes and dropped it off at UPS. They processed and gave me credit, and I used the credit to get some clothes for the growing boy. It was all pretty quick and easy! You don’t have to trade in clothes to purchase.

Payless Shoes – While the kids are little, it’s hard for me to justify spending big amounts on shoes that they grow out of so quickly. Especially more stylish shoes that they might not like in a few months. So I’ve ordered from Payless the last couple years and been very pleased with the quality, especially since I’m paying so much less!

A Few More of My Favorite Gifts:

Roku – We’ve been living with our Roku for about a year now, and I’m not sure how we survived before the Roku! Besides the fact that it has so many cool channels available (we use Netflix and Amazon On Demand the most), the remote is the most amazing thing ever because it works from almost anywhere. Seriously. Lee can be sitting in his office and hear a Dora episode end and hit the button to start the next one from there even though the Roku is in another room, behind the TV. We could not love it more. Get a Roku!

Cheryl’s Cookies – My mother-in-law used to order cookies from Cheryl and Co., and basically? They’re the best cookies ever. I try to resist ordering them every year. And then I do it anyway. But I’m getting ebates when I order, so it’s okay, right?

Paper Hat Personalized Book –  How fun are these personalized books for a little one? I really love the Little Super book and think it would be so cute for Brinky, once I can trust him not to rip it up.

I hope this gives you some different ideas for your holiday shopping this year! Do you have any favorites I’m missing here?

Disclosure: Some (but not all!) of the links in this post are affiliate links. But these are all sites I love!

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