Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping with Toddler #iPPP

I made my grocery list last night, which is probably missing something because that’s how I like to do these things, so that Brinky and I could head to the store this morning before it got too crowded. We’re just having a nice quiet Thanksgiving here, but I of course still plan to make a delicious turkey (wrapped in bacon – the best way to do it!), mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gravy, rolls and a couple desserts.

We’ve been having a little trouble at the grocery store the last few months, me and Brinkley. He wants to climb out of the cart and run away from me. I don’t want him to. So I often use my Ergo carrier and do my shopping with him strapped to me. But I’ve started to think he could handle the cart again recently (and I’m probably totally jinxing it right now). So this morning I let him ride in the cart. We get a cookie as soon as we get into the store – that certainly helps him stay on good behavior.

He used to turn terrible once he finished the cookie, but he was good today, and we casually shopped and filled our cart.

A nice big turkey, bread for turkey sandwiches, marshmallows for the whipped marshmallow cheesecake I’m trying out this year, and of course some frozen pizzas. Those aren’t for Thanksgiving though. (Unrelated, my husband eats Palermo’s frozen pizzas every day, so if anyone deserves to win the $100,000 Palermo’s Pizza Payout, it’s us.)

Brinky was so good and cute at the grocery store today. Halfway through he started laughing like the whole experience was cracking him up, which amused me and various other shoppers and employees, I think. All in all, he was good company at the store today.

When you walk through the store chatting with your toddler who doesn’t talk back, do you think people think you’re a little crazy or just a normal mom?

Happy day before Thanksgiving, everyone! Especially the wonderful #iPPP hostesses, Greta and Julie!




15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping with Toddler #iPPP

  1. I talk to Monkey the whole time we’re at the store and I could give a flip who thinks I’m weird! He’s well-behaved and it helps me ignore all the wacky people I run into at the store. :) Glad Brinky was being good!

  2. He looks so sweet with his little haircut! I always talk to Ervin and Essie, but I’m lucky they’ll talk back…or sing to each other, which also brings the looks from other people. It’s always nice to have a surprisingly easy grocery trip, isn’t it?! (And bacon turkey….YUM!)
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  3. I had my son in a wrap most of the time when he was a toddler and shopping, so I know people thought I was nuts! Now that he’s 4, he can keep up a conversation with anyone (and they understand most of it). We make a stop at the deli first and get him a chicken leg. If he behaves well, he gets a donut before we get in line. You could also do fruit at the beginning and maybe a sweet treat in the check-out lane.
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