A Perfect Holiday (or Any Time) Treat

Have you heard about treat? Treat is a new greeting card website (from those trusted people at Shutterfly) that allows you to make one of a kind greeting cards – and mail them directly to the recipient. How cool is that? Especially because you can include your own pictures on these one of a kind cards! I love the idea of sending an actual paper card to a friend or family member for a holiday or birthday or just for fun. And they’re actually cheaper than a lot of the greeting cards we buy so often – and customized!

This week, for instance. We will be enjoying Thanksgiving here at our home. Just my wonderful little five member family. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be thinking of those family members who won’t be here with us. How fun would it be to send a fun Thanksgiving card like this one, just to remind them we’re thinking of them?

With pictures of my own kids, of course.

Or for Christmas, I could send a customized card with some of the 100 leftover pictures that didn’t make the standard card to someone who deserves a special greeting all their own, like the grandparents.

How much would Jenny love to get a fun card like this one on her birthday, when she’s feeling so grown up?

I can think of so many times I’d love to send cards like these. And you can join the Card Club and save a little by buying several cards up front and receive reminders for upcoming birthdays (not that any of us busy moms would ever, ever forget a birthday!).

I’m thinking of picking out a card to send to someone with this picture of Brinky from this weekend:

Wouldn’t you smile if you got a card with that picture in the mail?

So do you want to try it out? For FREE? Today (November 19) and tomorrow (November 20) only, you can create and send a totally personalized greeting card from Treat for FREE. Try it out and create your card and use the code TREATBLOGR to get it for free!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Treat. All opinions are my own.

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