Memories Captured: First Haircut

I’ve been noticing recently that it was probably time for Brinkley’s first haircut, but I wasn’t ready to get rid of his sweet curls. But when I looked at this picture I posted on Instagram last week:

I realized it was time. So I took him on Saturday for his first haircut. And he did surprisingly well! We’re fortunate to have a Snip-Its kids’ salon here. They’re used to kids and handle them well. I thought Brinky would have to sit in my lap for the cut, but he was strapped into the seat and did fine! I wouldn’t say he loved it, and he definitely needed his pacifier to get through it, but he did better than I expected. And he was so cute.

Once he was done with the haircut, he tried to get out of there!

After he got home and was running around in the street, I got another look at the hair.

They brushed his bangs to the side when they were cutting it, so his hair was really still down in his eyes if it wasn’t perfectly brushed to the side, which will happen almost never.

But he looks pretty, right? No need to mess with those bangs.

But Lee and I felt like the bangs really need to be trimmed, so I decided to do it. I grabbed a comb and the scissors and proved why I should never cut hair myself. I cut the bangs too short in my effort not to get too close to his eyes. And uneven. But the bangs definitely aren’t in his eyes now!

I probably should have left it to the professionals. Maybe I can say he cut his own hair? Maybe it will grow a little before we take pictures for Christmas cards next week.

16 thoughts on “Memories Captured: First Haircut

  1. Doesn’t a hair cut make them look like little men? I remember taking my little boy and thinking why does my baby look like a toddler? He’s so cute and looks like he really behaved for the cut!
    Natalie recently posted..Watch Me Grow!My Profile

  2. What a little sweetheart he is! He looks so cute. And I think the shorter bangs show off his cheeks so much better. If it makes you feel better, my husband cut Essie’s bangs SO SHORT one time that it literally took six months for them to grow out to look like a normal bang trim. He’s since been restricted.
    Greta @gfunkified recently posted..My Life In NumbersMy Profile

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