Books & Jumping #iPPP

Some of us stayed up too late last night, watching election coverage until we felt certain of the outcome.

Reagan is still awake in this picture from late last night, just reading. We let the girls stay up and watch election coverage with us. And by “watch election coverage,” I mean completely ignore it and use it as an excuse to stay up. Jenny told me a couple days ago that she was interested in the election, and I asked her if she was excited about it. Her response: “As excited as an 11 year old can be since I’m not even allowed to vote!” She was very offended. Anyway, we stayed up until midnight. All of us.

Except this boy:

And he has a lot more energy than the rest of us do this morning. He’s got some new books I got him yesterday to entertain him when he’s trying to get to sleep in the big boy bed (by the way, I’m calling that a success – he’s sleeping better than ever at night). So this morning for him involves, holding his books and jumping on the mattress. He’s strangely doing some kind of one leg jump that makes it look like he’s at a hoedown. Not that I know what a hoedown looks like.

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12 thoughts on “Books & Jumping #iPPP

  1. LOL – my husband and I were talking about kids staying up late last night as well…. Our kids went to bed at their regular time and we stayed up to watch Obama’s speech. When he came out on the stage with his family my husband said: “Can you believe those kids are still up? Don’t they have to go to school tomorrow?” 😉
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    • I know! I was initially planning on making them to go to bed. Or assuming they’d just fall asleep. But they were into it so we let them stay up!

  2. For all the reasons parents let their kids stay up late, this is a GREAT one. I love how Jenny is so aggravated at being disenfranchised. I honestly feel like that girl is poised to run the world one day.

  3. We all stayed up too. Bean fell asleep but Ash had a map and colored it in blue and red as the night went on. She actually paid attention way more than I thought she would.
    As for Brinky, can you bottle up that energy and start selling it? I’ll happily stand in line for some! 😉
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