A Little Help with Growing Up (Papersalt Books Review)

About a month ago, I received a couple items from Papersalt to use and review. While Jenny’s only 11, she’s at that age where she’s maturing and aging, so Being a Teenage Girl seemed perfect to me. I looked through the book myself first. Sometimes it’s hard for me to find the right words to tell her my thoughts on some of what she’s experiencing as she grows up.

I found that this book does a great job of expressing things the way I wish I could – some of the lessons are about things you may not even think of. Obviously I don’t think a book can replace actually talking to her, but I like that I agree with everything expressed in the book and that it can inspire conversations that we might not have had otherwise.

A couple of my favorite pages:

This one first in perfectly with the Rachel’s Challenge event we went to recently and our family discussions about how to stop bullying.

I love this. And I still read whenever I can. Jenny does too – here’s how I caught her this weekend.

Something else I love about this book is its format and size and the fact that it’s supposed to be a “living book.” The Papersalt website says that means it is for “teenage girls to reference, write in, and refer back to often.” When I pulled the book out to write this review, I found that Jenny had done just that on a few pages, and it reinforced the value of the book for me.

Though I’m not sure how I should feel about her underlining of “You may not like your parents all of the time.”

We also received Being a Girl for Reagan, and she’s enjoying it, but I wanted to focus on how perfect Being a Teenage Girl is for Jenny right now in this review!

One other Papersalt item I’m excited about trying is the book of Kid Coupons. The girls are not doing a great job with their chores lately (read: terrible), and we’ve been trying to think of new ways to motivate them. So I’m thinking about giving these coupons as incentives. Especially this one because it would be fun for me, too!

Take a minute to head over to the Papersalt website and check out all of their products. You may find a perfect gift – because can you believe Christmas is only two months away??

*Disclosure: I was provided with these books for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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